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The Fetch Name Service (FNS) provides a Name System for the blockchain, which allows to map a human-readable name (called a domain) to an address and some associated data. Ownership of a Domain is represented by a NFT that can be transferred.
A domain is made up of 2 elements: Label & Extension. For example, in this example domain "azoyalabs.test", azoyalabs is the label and test is the extension.
FNS is made up of 4 contracts:
  • The Name System Controller, which handles registration and queries
  • The Name System Storage, which stores Domain ownership data and other data associated to a domain (see Domain Data)
  • The Name System NFT, a CW721 representing ownership of a domain. Every extension has its own CW721.
  • The UTS-46 Normalizer, which normalizes domains to follow the UTS-46 Unicode standard (see
The Fetch Name Service is developed and maintained by the AzoyaLabs Team, and can be accessed at​